Community Participation

Part of Lady And Leap Toy Shop's mission is to support not for profit organizations that focus on our youth.  As part of this mission, we offer a few ways to support local youth.  Below is an outline of a few of the ways we have supported local organizations in the past.  Please note, we will work with you on what is the most appropriate

Fundraiser - We will donate 10% of product sales to your organization.  
  • There is a specified time period for this.
  • People who purchase from us need to mention your organization at the time of the sale (we will tag the order in our system)
  • Sales online & in the store qualify
  • We will net out any returns
  • We provide printed flyers for distribution.  (We will also provide an electronic version for email/social media)
Collect Donations - We will promote your not-for-profit organization with each in-store sale that we make.  Lady & Leap Toy Shop will donate a $1 for each one sold.
  • There is a specific time period for this.
  • We will provide an electronic flyer for you to print off/distribute
  • We will provide something to hang up with each donation (think of the Heart the American Heart Association uses)

Event Participation - If you have a child focused event, we may be able to add to your event by hosting a craft, reading stories, donating gift cards.

Our Time - Lady and Leap Toy shop provides a benefit to all associates in which we offer paid time off to volunteer for a youth organization.  We recognize that physical labor is required to keep youth organizations going & this is a great way to support it! 

For any of these, we do need to know that you are a not-for-profit organization & will required a copy of your 501c3.

We are very active within the community!  Please know that we will do our best to accommodate your requests, but cannot accommodate every one that is requested of us.

If you are interested, please email us at, or call/stop by the store (315) 758-1652  We will partner with you on what type of support is best for your needs.