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Douglas Sloth Activity Blankee

Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty- Liquid Glass

Crocodile creek baby balls

Great textured balls for little hands

Epoch Calico Critters Camping Trip Set

Great product my son loved it and mom loved that it wasn’t as sticky and messy as other slime products we’ve had before. Was much easier to clean up and my son and daughter played with it for hours. As well as enough they were able to share

Do not remember purchase . Please take me off email. I enjoy your store and will make purchases as I need. Do not enjoy emails. Realize is a feedback for store, but I do not like it . Thanks

Excellent adventure!

Five grandkids aged 4-10 attended the Harry Potter event and each one raves about their experience! Fantastic idea!

Easter gift

It's a lot of fun. Perfect for my toddler learning hand eye coordination so that he isn't easily discouraged with using a mitt and glove. There's a lot more catches with the Velcro!:)

Groan tube

My kid loves making noise and this isn't a terribly annoying pitch. He can get his curious finger stuck in it but he's gotta learn not to do that, anyway.

Great for Learning correct letter formation

Both our 3 and 4 year olds love this toy. Great for learning how to properly make letters. The only thing I’d improve is having the pen attached by a string: we’ve already misplaced it twice.

Reminds me of my childhood

Great toy! We use it for car rides to keep our toddler occupied. He loves it.

Glitter high bounce ball

Epoch Calico Critters Wooly Alpaca Family


My son enjoyed Zingo a lot. It’s definitely a game we can play over and over again as a family, and he doesn’t get bored with, or frustrated with. I like the educational component with reading comprehension as well. It was a great find. Plus, no batteries needed!

Great gift for little girls

My daughters (3.5 yo and 5.5 yo) love these braclets. Great for a reward gift or a filler for stockings or Easter basket. Great quality.


I purchased the Lalaboom Bead Set for a one year old. The child loves them although at twelve months of age cannot yet snap them together independently. They appeal to her and she loves to carry them around. They are safe for this one year old who puts most things in her mouth. I would recommend them and feel they will be even more popular in a few months.

Sweet little bracelet

A cute little bracelet, we gave as a gift to put in a little change purse with a gift card!

Play Visions Floof Mr and Mrs Snowman

Wonderful! My son loves it

Douglas Sloth Activity Blankee

Perfect for a little remembrance

This ring is very cute and adored by its 2 1/2 year old recipient. It is inexpensive and perfect for just a small token,.

Flip 'n' Tip Fred by WOW Toys

My 2-3 year old clients really enjoy playing with this truck. They like the sounds that the moving parts make, as well as lifting the parts to put the cans inside the truck. I really like that it doesn't require batteries!

I am a speech pathologist and I work with young children. They LOVE this Echo Mike!

Cute little accessory

My daughters love these. Unicorns are all the rage these days plus it's a mood ring! Cute little favor

Douglas Lamb plush activity book
Beautiful baby’s first book

His mom loves it. His big sister loves it. Great baby gift!!

Plus Plus Big Pastel
Excellent gift

This makes a great gift for a birthday present, a stocking stuffer, or just a special toy for your child. My boys absolutely love the blocks and all the different colors, and the fact that we can take them to places like church or dinner out at a restaurant and have a nice quiet toy. They are so versatile.