Store Team

Miss Cristin- Owner & Founder

Cristin has over 25 years of experience in teaching children in a wide variety of ways.  Cristin always knew she wanted to teach children.  As a young teenager, she created a summer camp for kids that lived in her development.  She obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from SUNY College at Fredonia.  From there, she taught second grade at Mother of Sorrows School in Rochester, NY.  After the birth of her second child, she became a stay at home mom.  During her time at home with her children, she was actively involved in Mom’s clubs, volunteered as a coach, taught at religious education, and did a wide variety of activities for the schools her children went to.   When her fourth child entered preschool, Cristin went back to teaching.  She taught at Saint John’s Preschool at New Hartford NY. Cristin decided to open the store because she felt there was something missing in the community.  She is a firm advocate of play for children.  In today’s society, play is becoming less and less a part of a child’s life.  Schools are starting to shrink the amount of time play is part of the day – including shrinking recess.  There is increasing pressure to start a child in sports, music, etc. at younger and younger ages.  While all of these things are of value, PLAY is more valuable!!  Play is a way for children to achieve new abilities and skills.  Toys help children – problem Solve, organize, learn cause & effect, develop language skills, and most of all have fun!!

Miss Maura

Hi everyone! My name is Maura and I'm so proud to be working here at Lady and Leap! I've been working with children for over eight years, as a nanny, in a child care facility, and now at the toy shop, and I have a degree in Child and Family Studies from SUNY Oneonta. Working with children has always brought me such joy; not only do I feel as though I am making a difference, but it has also has taught me to reconnect to my inner child and enjoy life more. Play is such a crucial part of development, and I'm very fortunate to be able to experience that daily! 

Miss Cady

Lady and Leap Toy Shop - Miss CadyI have always enjoyed working with children. When I was looking into furthering my education I knew I wanted to help children learn and explore the world around them. This is why I chose to study Psych-Child Life and Early Childhood-Childhood Education. I wanted to have the knowledge to understand the psychological needs of children so that I could understand why children think and act in the way that they do and use that to help them excel educationally, emotionally and socially. I have always believed that play is essential for the development of all, most specifically children. The knowledge that I have learned thus far has made working at Lady and Leap even more rewarding because they support play!

Miss Georgia


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Miss Laura

Hello!  My Name is Laura J and it is my great pleasure to be part of the team at Lady and Leap Toy Shop!  I am a life long resident of the Mohawk Valley and a graduate of Clinton High School.  I earned an Associated Degree at MVCC, took several psychology classes at Utica College, and earned a teacher's assistant certification from HCCC.

I have always enjoyed working with young children because they are open, inquisitive, and willing to try new things.  I have raised a son on my own for the past 14 years and it has been the greatest (and, at times, the most humbling) experience of my life.  I agree with Cristin in that the act of play is an important part of learning for a child and improves cognition and psychological wellness. By using their imagination and creativity, children learn important skills that they can then use later in life.  My hope is that I can help make Lady and Leap Toy Shop a place where children and their parents/grandparents/etc can have fun and enjoy being together for generations to come!

Here are some photos - we love what we do!!