BRIO Train Station


SKU: 33745

Train Station

All aboard! This new train station makes waiting for the train a happening in itself. Stand by the ticket machine that sounds when you buy a ticket, or in worse weather, walk through the sliding glass doors. The hall is equipped with luggage lockers, maps and a comfy sofa. Modern-design toy with wooden details.

  • HIGH QUALITY - Our products use the highest quality materials, including European Beech Wood, and are extremely durable
  • SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD - We conduct more than 1,000 safety tests a year to ensure that our products conform to all safety standards, and we take pride in developing toys that are completely safe for children to play with
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES - Waiting hall with sliding "glass doors", luggage lockers, maps and a comfy sofa
  • Size: 8.75" x 6.75" x 6"
Ages:  3+

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