Kullerbu Dump Truck by HABA


SKU: 303080

  • Kullerbu Dump trucks makes a great addition to any Kullerbu set. The Dump Truck has a lift action for the truck bed, allowing for the rubble ball to be dumped out. Includes one truck and one rubble ball.
  • A momentum motor allows the car to travel forward on its own. Simply give the car a push along the tracks, or ground, and watch it travel on its own.
  • Designed for the Kullerbu Play Track System, the wheels rest on top of the tracks allowing it to travel along like a roller coaster. Please note: While Kullerbu vehicles are mostly compatible with the Kullerbu Play system, there are certain accessory pieces (such as the universal steep curve) that work only with Kullerbu balls and cannot accomodate Kullerbu vehicles.
      • Suitable for children ages 2 and up.
      • Kullerbu vehicles are just as much fun off the track and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone accessory.

          Ages 2 yrs+

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